The best Tower Defense Flash Games

The best Tower Defense Flash Games

Kingdom Rush

In general, this is such a standard Tower Defense with crowds of enemies, towers and a bunch of upgrades. But from the very beginning, you can see what most TDs do not have. The game has a style. It’s just right for the developers to erect a monument; everything is just beautifully drawn, and attention to details calls for respect. Each level is unique, in addition, sometimes there are various buildings on them that you can not build. For example, the temple of fire magicians, which can then be hired and used as long-range artillery. Opponents also have their meannesses like tunnels on the map through which they can cut off the path or cemeteries from which the skeletons continuously tumble.

There are only four towers in the game. Not much, but all of them are so necessary that others are not needed. Another controversial decision-towers can only be built in the designated areas, so building up the entire map will not work. Although this is after 10 minutes of the game is not surprising.

The most original building is the barracks, the soldiers of which will detain the enemy. And how did we live without them before? It’s easier to play with barracks.

In general, the towers are formally not 4, but 12 types, because after the third upgrade it will be possible to choose an alternative version of the structure. In addition, you have 2 spells that can also be improved later, 3 game modes on each of the cards … generally, you will be in this game for a long time.


At first glance, it seems that this is another TD. But no, the towers cannot be built here because you play … for a typical villain who sends monsters to plunder the city. You cannot destroy the whole city, the forces are not the same. And there are some other things here – only goblins (the smartest?) can plunder the city, and everyone else can only help them. Over time, as usual, in the castle open up new creatures, upgrades (quite worthless, by the way. For example reinforcing the shield by 2%. Not too powerful), and so on and so forth. However, the game is simply wildly difficult, only the most stubborn ones, who were not too lazy to improve everything that only improves can try to pass all the levels.

The game is interesting enough and it will receive the award “The most villainous flash game” from the players.