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3 Flash Games That Are Not Worse Than PC Games

Synapsis 2 It is very difficult to describe this game. Psychedelics in its purest form. To begin with, this is a quest, and quite complicated. Why complicated? Because it is completely unclear why and what to do! But you can cope with even such a difficult game. Actually, starting the game you will find yourself...

The best Tower Defense Flash Games

The best Tower Defense Flash Games

Kingdom Rush In general, this is such a standard Tower Defense with crowds of enemies, towers and a bunch of upgrades. But from the very beginning, you can see what most TDs do not have. The game has a style. It’s just right for the developers to erect a monument; everything is just beautifully drawn,...

3 Flash Games to spend your free time

3 Flash Games To Spend Your Free Time

While others play games such as Call of duty, Fifa, or The Witcher, we will talk about good and interesting flash games that don’t require a powerful computer and can be played everywhere without long installation. Double edged It should be noted the diversity and originality of missions. For example, there is a mission with...