3 Flash Games To Spend Your Free Time

3 Flash Games to spend your free time

While others play games such as Call of duty, Fifa, or The Witcher, we will talk about good and interesting flash games that don’t require a powerful computer and can be played everywhere without long installation.

Double edged

It should be noted the diversity and originality of missions. For example, there is a mission with a golden boss in the truest sense of the word. If he touches you, you temporarily turn into a golden statue.

Or a battle with a giant in armour. In fact, inside it is empty and it is controlled by exactly the same warriors like you. He just needs to hit the heels so that the warriors fall out. As a result, the giant will be defeated.

All kinds of ammunition will fall from the defeated enemies Also you can tame a variety of animals and do a lot of interesting things.

The music in the game is fighting, just suitable for the dynamics of the game. As for the graphics, of course, it can’t be compared with the normal PC game, but for the flash game, it’s quite decent graphics. It can be rated by 7 out of 10 points.

Miragine War First Campaign

The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy diamond, which is responsible for creating warriors, of which there are 16 varieties in the game! Each of them has its own characteristics and the further it is on the list, the more expensive.

But this does not mean that if you bought a more expensive warrior, you will have a victory in your hands. For example, if your friend bought an army of selected magicians, and you have an army of cheap swordsmen, then let him hide his magicians back in the warehouse! Since they will defeat them with their amount.

The music in the game is very pleasant. As for the graphics, it honestly can be better, but it does not make the game worse than others. The game has a cool plot and if you are 2 players I guarantee that the game will drag you for many hours.

Cat God vs Sun King

Not the best game in this collection, but definitely one of the most addictive. The plot of the game is very simple: you are Cat God, the Sun King wants to overthrow you, so you must punish him. But the plot is not important here, in this game important is the action. Actually, the game itself is to prevent the King’s slaves from completing the temple, for this, you will have a lot of spells, from a banal firearm to summon a swarm of locusts or Death. It sounds pretty dull, but it’s not. In minuses, I would add maybe sound. At least sounds when the spells are used. There are only 6 upgrades, and you can only get them for gold scarabs, that are given for achievements.

Spells can also be improved. When you use them, your experience increases. At level 1 decreases their mana cost, at the second – cooldown time, at the third the player will get the ultimate version of the same spell.

In general, the game is very attractive, but it is very short.