3 Flash Games That Are Not Worse Than PC Games

3 flash games

Synapsis 2

It is very difficult to describe this game. Psychedelics in its purest form. To begin with, this is a quest, and quite complicated. Why complicated? Because it is completely unclear why and what to do! But you can cope with even such a difficult game. Actually, starting the game you will find yourself in a house from which you, as usual, will have to get out. Each door of this house (if it is the house) is a kind of portal. We will have to do different things in this strange place: decipher some plans for an attack on London, open safes, watch the puppet theatre. It seems that all these rooms are also at different time intervals.

The graphics are very good, everything is simply drawn. The sound is also great, the atmosphere is created primarily due to the sound.

In general, Synapsis 2 is a very controversial game.


To begin with, it’s worth saying that the game was made by Russian. We cannot be sure what this affects, but sometimes it turned out to be very interesting to play, although some Russian words like a terminal called “Zombotronika” slip through. But despite this, the game carries away and does not let go until the very end. It would seem banal 2D shooter with zombies, without a plot, but … additional missions are given at each level, and soon you begin to catch yourself thinking that you want to explore all levels completely, find new ways to kill zombies, pit them with robots … and a lot of things still to do. And when you find a hidden chest in a secluded corner, you rejoice like a child. Moreover, the developer loves to throw up surprises like a turret suddenly appearing behind your back or an opening door from which zombies begin to tumble (until this moment, doors are perceived solely as a piece of background). In general, what is there to say, you need to play here.
In cons, you can add only the amazing stupidity of a zombie. Of course, their brains are eaten, but should they undermine the TNT barrel underfoot?

The Last Stand – Union City

Here you need to talk a little about the Last Stand series. Previously, it was a simple game about zombies in which you had to hold out 20 nights before the military arrived (in the second part you had to get to the city, but the plot and gameplay were the same).

We had barricades for which we could walk, shoot zombies and, in fact, that was it. But despite this, the game was excellent, it was interesting to shoot at zombies, it was impossible to find at least two identical ones among them. Between zombie attacks, you could search for weapons, fix fortifications or find people (all this was done in text form, you just distributed the time, and then they wrote to you if you found something). Nothing enchanting, but everyone was happy. In the second part, it was possible to choose houses for a search. And the weapon was new, of course.

In the third part, they gave us a whole city to be torn to pieces. NPCs appeared who could take the quest (like “Find my friend who is in the next room. For that I will give you cookies, experience and a shotgun”). Now you can walk the streets, look into almost every house, open the locks that the owners prudently hung even on the refrigerators before the zombie attack.

In general, the game is interesting, such games are almost never found on a flash.